1. The essays featured on the site provided useful models for the writing skills I developed in Expos.

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  2. Exposé taught me terms and skills that I will be able to use in courses beyond Expos.

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  1. The annotations helped me identify what made the essays good instances of academic writing.

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  2. The design and content of the site fostered an absorptive reading experience; my attentions were not scattered.

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  3. Exposé's interface was intuitive and easy to use

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Interface and Design

  1. If you were dissatisfied with certain aspects of the site interface or noticed any bugs, check the appropriate boxes and explain.

    visual interest
    controls and animations (e.g. page flips and buttons)
    pages are too busy (or too empty)
    unintuitive navigation or site layout
    page inconsistencies
    rendering errors or buggy behavior in...

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  2. Expose is a work in progress. List any features of the site that you particularly enjoyed, would like to see improved, or would like to see added.

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Optional Information

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Known Issues
(as of 9.6.2010)

  • Limited support for draggable lightboxes. Annotations boxes with text are fine, but cursor sticks with video; right click to disengage.
  • Rounded corners do not appear in IE.